We provide assistance in the following areas

Under WA Law, a person who unlawfully assaults another is guilty of an offence. If faced with assault charges its imperative you get early advice for the best possible outcome.

There are several possible defences for Murder Charges, its essential you get legal advice immediately.

Whether faced with a Family Violence Restraining Order (“FVRO”) or Violence Restraining Order (“VRO”) its important you know what restrictions are placed on you.

Disorderly Conduct, Indecent Acts in Public or Trespassing can all be described as a Public Offence. Know what you can do if faced with Charges

Going to court for a traffic matter can be a traumatic experience. We can assist with all traffic offences including suspension or cancellation of licences, traffic infringement notices and criminal charges arising from traffic matters. 

A “prohibited drug” is a drug of addiction, a specified drug, I of the of the Misuse of Drugs Act. “Possession” includes control or dominion over, and to have the order or disposition of the thing.

We represent clients faced with sex offences ranging from indecent assault to more serious offences including sexual penetration without consent. Know where you stand on possible charges. 

Stealing Offences, Armed Robbery, Burglary and Motor Vehicle Theft are all areas we can assist in. Get advice early for the best outcome.

We can assist in a variety of other Criminal Offences. If your facing charges we can help.

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